Ground support plates

Ground support plates made of PE ( Polyethylene )

Ground support plates made of PE regenerate are replacing more and more sheets made from wood or steel. Sheets made out of Polyethyelene don’t absorb water or dirt and are very easy to clean. PE is high tensile and very wear resistent ( way more than steel or wood ) and because of that it is used for decades on the mining and bulk resort. STAR round support plates don’t shatter or corrode and are compared to wood and metal very light and reduce the work for your employees. We can produce this sheets up to a thickness of 120 mm and saw / mill it on the dimension you prefer. Additionally it is possible to attach some carry loops for even easier handling. Further it is possible to mill your logos or anything you want into the sheets ( MOQ has to be discussed ).

With the usage of regenerate you are taking part in saving the resources of our environment!

Ground support plates made from virgin material in your color

Ground support plates made from regenerate in black or colorful

Planed surface

Roughenend Surfaace

One sided rubber surface

Wir fertigen mit einer Lieferzeit von ca. 4-6 Wochen jede gewünschte Abmessung mit der gewünschten Ausstattung (Anzahl Tragschlaufen, Oberfläche, Einfräsung)

In a delivery time from 4-6 weeks we can make every dimensions with the wished additional equipment ( carry loops, surface, milling )

Following you will find a comparison for the most used materials!


Technical data STAR-PE Holz Stahl
Weight ++ +
Resistance against mechanical load + ++
Wear resisant ( sand etc. ) +++++ -+
Resistance against acids and lyes ++
Possibility of shattering ++ ++
Corrode ++++ ++- -+
Flexibility + +
Hygroscopicity ++ ++
Slip resistent ++

*Possible through roughenend surface