Ground support plates

Crane plates / support plates from the plastics expert

High-quality regenerates and thus best quality at a favorable price

Convincing technical data

Crane plates / support plates made of PE regenerate replace more and more previous plates made of wood or steel. Crane plates made of polyethylene do not absorb water or dirt and soiling can be easily wiped off. Polyethylene is highly impact and wear resistant, far more than wood or steel and has therefore been used for decades in extreme applications such as mines or in bulk slides.

Almost indestructible

STAR crane plates do not splinter or rust and are far lighter than laminated wood and steel, thus taking the strain off the operator.

Own wishes? Whether with cord or handles, all no problem!

We can produce these plates up to a thickness of 120 mm, saw or mill to any desired format and equip with one or two carrying loops. An additional milling out in pressure foot size as well as a labeling with name or logo is possible. By using regenerated material, you also conserve resources and protect the environment.

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    Crane plates made of virgin polyethlyene in color of your choice

    Crane plates made of reclaimed polyethylene in various colors or black

    Planed surface

    Roughened surface

    Rubberized surface

    We manufacture with a delivery time of approx. 4-6 weeks each desired dimension with the desired equipment (number of carrying loops, surface, milling)

    In order not to lose sight of the materials available on the market for support plates / crane plates, the following table can be used for self-comparison! It is quickly apparent that the widely used wood and steel crane plates / support plates offer significant problems. Be it very high weight, lower durability or also missing flexibility to compensate small unevennesses in the ground independently.


    Technical property STAR-PE Wood Steel STAR-PE Holz Stahl
    Weight ++ +
    Resistance ( mechanical load ) + ++
    Abrasion resistance ( e.g. against sand )

    Resistance ( oils, greases & petrols )




    Resistance ( acids & alkalis ) ++
    Fracture- splintering tendency ++ ++
    Oxidation ( rust )






    Pliability + +
    Hygroscopy ( water absorption ) ++ ++
    Slip resistance * ++

    *Possible by roughening the surface or applying a rubber layer.