Injection moulding

Cheaper injection moulding with low tooling costs ( even for slow moving materials )


Do you have parts which are to many for milling and to less for normal injection moulding? Are the tooling costs too high or do you have materials which can’t be injected?

Then we can offer you a production which is able to make even small amounts ( > 2000 parts ) possible through really low tooling costs and even slow moving materials. In this case we offer a special technic with which we are able to be the link between milling and normal injection moulding.


Our typical products aren’t the smallest parts! They are rather in the class about 50 g  and could be a bit larger ( no small tolerances possible ). In some cases we just fast moving plastics as in the normal injection moulding and for prices it is possible to fill up the material with cheaper things or even other materials.


We offer the full service. From development of the parts over CAD drawings with 3D-printed prototypes ( if needed ) up to the full series!

Our materials are


Elastic materials :  Soft-PVC, PP/EPDM / TPE / TPU

Tough materials :         PE, POM, PA, ABS, PS, PP

With our without metal inlay, UV-stabilized and for pricing reasons filled up with cheaper materials, flame retardent and more than 2 materials and many more!

Samples toleranzes for cheaper tools

Length up to 6 mm +/- 0,5 mm; 7-30 mm +/- 1 mm, 31-120 mm +/- 1,5 mm, 121 – 400 mm +/- 2,5 mm, 401-1.000 mm +/- 4,0 mm, 1.001 – 2.000 mm +/- 6 mm, 2.001 – 4.000 mm +/- 8 mm


  • charge carriers for the automotive industry
  • charge carriers
  • simple industrial parts