Shooting range lining – Processing

Shooting range lining – Processing

Following are some tips for the processing of our lining which will help your with planning and installation of it!

he processing of our sheets can be done with machines for the wood industry like buzzsaw, drilling machines etc. Tip: Don’t use too much pressure and high feeding rates to evade possible melting the material!

The attachment can be made on a wood construction. Please don’t forget the expansion coefficent. The materials wants to contract when its cold and extent when its warm. On a length of 1.000mm a temperature difference about 20 °C can length the sheet for about 4mm. Because of that we would like to give you the following tips

  • Include overlapping materials so its possible to extent.
  • Store the material before installation close a average ambient tempature to evade extent and contract. If you have high differences in temperature work with elongated holes.

Tip : To have a consistent view and a faint look use sandpaper!

These tips should help you with the installation. If you want to talk with some of our customers to make a conclusion we can give you a contact.