Specification  PE 1000 sheets – technical plastic

Polyethylen Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight (Kurzform: PE UHMW, RCH 1000 oder PE 1000) is a technical plastic that can be processed easy. It has – like all PE-types – a density of about 0,95g/cm³ and with that it’s the second least weighing plastic of all technical plastics and just because of that it offers a very interesting price. The moisture absorbtion of PE RG is about 0,0 %. The material is really good against lyes and acids , has a self-lubricating effect and is easy to mill ( cut, milling, lathe, water jet cutting and welding ). Furthermore it is a great material for abrasive fraught parts in e.g. machine engineering ( PE UHMW ), as inlay for bulk containers or as a cutting boards in the food industry or households.

Thickness PE 1000 sheets – technical plastic

We offer pressed sheets from PE RG with thicknesses up to 280mm, cavity free and low tension. Also cuts and molded parts / technical plastic products ( milled and lathed parts ) from Polyethylene sheets or rods. Pressed sheets have in contrary to extruded sheets less tension, are better to machine but are a bit more expensive because manufacturing process.

Standard colors PE 1000 sheets – technical plastics

Standard colors from PE UHMW and PE HMW sheets are nature, green & black. Of course special colors are avaible too! Additionally the sheets can be UV stabilized or be filled with other Additives to get a higher wear resistant , antistatic or electrially conductive version!

Enquiry PE UHMW – technical plastic

Order quantity of Polyethylene semis are as pressed sheets also singleton. For enquirys concluding Polyethylene sheets , cuts and molded/milled parts please contact us!

  • Natural  
  • Light green  
  • White  
  • Grey  
  • Yellow  
  • Green  
  • Blue  
  • Red  
  • Dark red  
  • Black  
  • Black  


Dimensions pressed sheets ( Thickness 8 – 140 mm )
2000 x 1000 mm  

3000 x 2000 mm



4000 x 2000 mm


We would be pleased to cut your desired dimension out of our standards!



If you have any requests don’t hesitate contact us!