PE wear resistant  (PE WR) semis and finished parts

Polyethylene UHMW ( Short: PE UHMW ) is a technical plastic that can be processed easily. It has – like all PE-types – a density of about 0,95g/cm³ and with that it’s the second least weighing plastic of all technical plastics and just because of that it offers a very interesting price. The moisture absorbtion of PE is about 0,0 %. The material is really good against lyes and acids , has a self-lubricating effect and is easy to mill ( cut, milling, lathe, water jet cutting and welding ).

Mostly PE UHMW with his sub groups and modifications is a great material for abrasive fraught parts in e.g. machine engineering ( PE UHMW ), as inlay for bulk containers. Its wax like surface offers very low friction but on the hand it’s a very tough and resistant material! Producers of the raw material made a test to show the resistance in comparison to other materials! A standardized workpiece was loaded in a silicia sand filled rotating tank for 24 hours. After that the abrasion was measured and we got this result:

lost volume
In % ( PE UHMW = 100%)
PE UHMW standard
100 %
330 %
440 %
600 %
1800 %
700 %
920 %
Steel ST37
160 %


Those results are very special and maybe can’t be used in every situation because there are always different abrasive coefficients if you use different materials but this test may show you the very good features of the UHMW PE.

Thickness PE wear resistant – technical plastic

We offer pressed sheets from PE with thicknesses up to 280mm, cavity free and low tension. Also cuts and molded parts / technical plastic products ( milled and lathed parts ) from Polyethylene sheets or rods. Pressed sheets have in contrary to extruded sheets less tension, are better to machine but are a bit more expensive because manufacturing process.

Standard colors PE UHMW sheets – technical plastic

Standard colors from PE UHMW and PE HMW sheets are nature, green & black. Of course special colors are avaible too! Additionally the sheets can be UV stabilized or be filled with other Additives to get a higher wear resistant , antistatic or electrially conductive version!

Enquiry PE UHMW – technical plastic

Order quantity of Polyethylene semis are as pressed sheets also singleton. For enquirys concluding Polyethylene sheets , cuts and molded/milled parts please contact us!

  • Natural  
  • Light green  
  • White  
  • Grey  
  • Yellow  
  • Green  
  • Blue  
  • Red  
  • Dark red  
  • Black  


Dimensions pressed sheets ( Thickness 8 – 140 mm )
2000 x 1000 mm  

3000 x 2000 mm



4000 x 2000 mm


We would be pleased to cut your desired dimension out of our standards!



If you have any requests don’t hesitate contact us!