PE Ray Ban

Polyethylene radiation protection (Ray-Ban)

PE Radiation protection

Semi-finished products such as sheets and finished parts made of radiation-protected polyethylene

The material PE High-Density (polyethylene of high density, short form: PE-HD,PE 100 in a family with PE HMW and PE-UHMW).

PE Radiation Protection: The Material - Technical Properties

Polyethylene Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight (short form: PE UHMW, PE 1000 or also RCH 1000) and Polyethylene High-Molecular-Weight (short form: PE HMW, PE 500) are already very good shielding materials in the field of radiation protection, even without additives. PE is particularly suitable for fast or mixed neutron radiation. With the addition of additives such as boron, however, this effect can be multiplied, thus providing a very good shielding material for e.g. radiation protection doors, radiation protection booths or radiation protection bunkers. In contrast to the materials otherwise used, such as iron, lead or concrete, polyethylene, even with additives, has a specific weight of close to 1 and is thus very light (lead ~ 11) and can usually be installed in a more space-saving manner. In addition, PE offers positive properties such as 0% water absorption, high acid and alkali resistance and many more.

Thicknesses and formats PE radiation protection - technical plastic

We offer pressed sheets made of polyethylene with thicknesses up to 280 mm free of blowholes and with low stress due to the production process, as well as blanks and molded parts / technical plastic parts (milled parts, turned parts) made of polyethylene sheets or rods. Pressed sheets, in contrast to extruded sheets, are less stressed and more suitable for machining, but have a price disadvantage compared to extruded sheets due to the more complex production process. Formats of the available standard sheets, from which the blanks are then produced, are e.g. 4 x 2 m.

Standard colors PE radiation shielding sheets - engineering plastic

Standard colors of polyethylene radiation shielding semi-finished products are natural, green & black,. Special colors of pure PE are already possible from a few sheets. The color is of course also determined by the choice of additives and can very much limit the choice of available colors, e.g. with an addition of boron (usually approx. 5%) for increased radiation shielding, the sheets become grayish.

Inquiries PE Radiation Protection Engineering Plastics

Delivery quantities of these polyethylene semi-finished products are as pressed sheets for standard qualities (PE UHMW / PE HMW) single pieces, for special material with additives there are also minimum quantities. For quotations on these polyethlenstrahlenschutzplatten simply ask us, we will be happy to make you an offer.

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    • Natural  
    • Soft Green  
    • White  
    • Gray  
    • Yellow  
    • Green  
    • Blue  
    • Red  
    • Dark Red 
    • Black  
    • Colorful  

    *possible colors depend on material

    in thicknesses 1 – 140 mm*
    3000 x 2000

    3000 x 2500

    3000 x 1500

    3000 x 1000

    4000 x 2000

    4000 x 1200

    2000 x 2000

    2000 x 1000

    *possible thicknesses depend on format