PE elektrically conductive / antistatic  (EL / AST) semis and finished parts

Polyethylene (Short: PE , PE HD, PE UHMW, PE HMW) is a technical plastic that can be processed easy. It has a density of about 0,95g/cm³ and with that it’s the second least weighing plastic of all technical plastics and just because of that it offers a very interesting price. The moisture absorbtion of PE is about 0,0 %. The material is really good against lyes and acids , has a self-lubricating effect and is easy to mill ( cut, milling, lathe, water jet cutting and welding ). Furthermore it is a great material for abrasive fraught parts in e.g. machine engineering ( PE UHMW ), as inlay for bulk containers. Polyethylene is a highly efficient material for electrically insulation. In many cases this feature is used but there are some cases in which it would be fatal and the plastic has to be antistatic or electrically conductive dependant on the conductivity which is needed. The categories are :

specific surface resistivity
IEC 60093
1014 Ohm
PE ast
IEC 60093
< 109 Ohm
PE el
IEC 60093
< 106 Ohm
  • Black  


Dimension extruded sheets (Thickness 1 – 10 mm ) 

2000 x 1000 mm


We would be pleased to cut your desired dimension out of our standards!

( Not all intermeditate sizes are available! Special dimensions and thicknesses are available after MOQ of about 3 tons )


Dimension pressed sheets ( Thickness 10 – 60 mm )
2000 x 1000 mm 3000 x 2000 mm  

4000 x 2000 mm


We would be pleased to cut your desired dimension out of our standards!


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