Bending film – delivery program

STAR edgebanding foil delivery program

Bending foil - delivery program

Quality from the experts

STAR edging foil is a high-quality PU foil, tested under the most difficult conditions. STAR edging foil combines the quality of the highest quality edging foils available on the market with the prices of the lower priced, but far less durable, cheaper variants such as PVC foil. Try our press brake film and see how you can save time and money!

Advantages of the bending foil

During the bending of stainless steel, steel or even aluminum or other metals / non-ferrous metals, direct contact of the bending tool, the material to be bent and the die without appropriate protection of the material to be bent results in bending marks such as line formation, indentations or, in the worst case, scratches.

In order to prevent these, especially on visible parts, and to avoid expensive reworking or rejects, we
currently offer the highest quality variant with a clear PU film. This STAR AF Premium Bend film is very hard-wearing, tear-resistant, durable and optimally prevents these bend marks. In contrast to the lower quality PVC bending foil, the PU bending foil impresses with a longer service life and better protection of the parts to be bent. On request we can also offer PVC foil.

Delivery program of our STAR bending foil

Product nameBending foil type STAR AF Premium Bend
Delivery formRolls in various thicknesses, widths and lengths
  • Surface protection for sensitive materials
  • Suitable for stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals
  • Avoidance of bend marks
  • High running times
  • Avoidance or minimization of reworking
  • Highest tear resistance
  • High resistance to oils, greases and solutions
  • Wide temperature application range
  • Highest wear resistance
  • Easy to dispose of

Possible thicknesses, lengths, widths of our bending foil

Delivery program STAR bending foil type AF Premium Bend :

0,4 x 100 mm0,4 x 150 mmSpecial width on requestStandard length 0,4 mm = 54 m
0,6 x 100 mm0,6 x 200 mmSpecial width on requestStandard length 0,5 mm = 45 m
0,8 x 100 mm0,8 x 150 mmSpecial width on requestStandard length 0,8 mm = 18 m
1,0 mmNew in offerStandard length 1,0 mm = 30 m
2,0 mmNew in offer Standard length 2,0 mm = 15 m

Other thicknesses on request

Samples available on request